The Quiet Before Christmas Playlist

There is a brief and amazing period of time during the year that I love. It lives in the 3 to 4 days between my last day of teaching or concert and Christmas. It’s quiet in my house in the early hours of the morning (yes, this means I’m awake before the tiny baby) and in the early evening (once she’s conked out for the night). It’s during these few hours, in these few days, where that I am afforded the luxury to sit quietly, think, daydream, pour myself a drink (at night people…coffee in the a.m., bourbon after 7 p.m.) and listen to music (or simply crash out on the couch with the mighty S). And, I’ll admit that I’ve done all of these at the same time as recently as last night.

So, while you may have been inundated with Christmas or looking to escape it, I wanted to share some of my favorite tunes that I enjoy during this all too short spell of time. Here are five songs that I’ve looked forward to visiting as I saw this window of respite approaching.

Wishing you all happy holidays and a wonderful 2017!

PS. Can’t get enough Christmas Music? Not to worry, the Laptop Tour returns on Saturday, December 24 at 7:30 pm (EDT). That’s right, Christmas Eve! So, join me for a few Christmas carols and holiday cheer!  Click here to see the show.

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