Clarity, Precision and an Abundance of Fine Technique

By Chris Dumigan
Classical Guitar Magazine

Beginning with three contrasting sonatas by Scarlatti Forshee immediately establishes his credentials as an excellent player, with clarity, precision and an abundance of fine technique. In the long middle sonata K. 213 his emotional way of bringing out the opening section is compelling with beautiful warm playing.

Brouwer’s evocative three-movement Sonata comes from an entirely different world to the foregoing. The other-worldly way it begins with a bell-like sequence of notes often on harmonics is hauntingly played. This phrase keeps returning amidst other more earthbound harmonies until gradually the dance-like elements take over more. Its rather episodic elements could, in lesser hands, sound disjointed, but here work really well. The dream world occupied by the middle movement and the relentless 3rd and final part are every bit as good, and make for a first-class recording of this work. This rather short (38 minutes) CD finishes with a fine Mallorca .

All in all this is a lovely recording spoilt somewhat by its relatively modest length. However this might be reflected in the price, and so I can confidently recommend Forshee’s interpretations wholeheartedly. The recording too is excellent.

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