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Zane Forshee Laptop Tour Stop #2: The Music Box

Monday, May 23rd, 2016


Set List #2: Sunday, May 22, 2016: from the Music Box


On a chilly, overcast Sunday we launched our second show on the Laptop tour.  It was amazing to get the chance to perform next to these beautiful instruments.  At one point they started to vibrate while I was playing Judah Adashi’s my heart comes undone.  The feeling and sound was unbelievable.  Also, it was colder inside than it was outside.  This caused me to be a bit more creative in my pre-show warmup.  We hope everyone that tuned had as much fun as we did.

my heart comes undone by Judah Adashi

Keanae, HI by Benjamin Verdery

Soe-pa by Ingram Marshall




Stop #2 the Music Box

Zane Forshee Laptop Tour Stop #1: the Makespace

Tuesday, April 19th, 2016



This page serves an archive of the Laptop Tour: an on going series of live broadcast concerts.  Below you will find the set list from the shows, photos from the space, and links to selected videos of the performance.

How it Happened:

The creation of Laptop Tour was inspired from an idea I frequently consider: the need for a concert hall holds much less importance today with regard to live performance than it once did.

With this in mind, I have decided to push myself to see what else is possible. I’ve created a series of concerts that make use of a range of venues not normally associated with musical performance. But why stop there? What if we broadcast them over the internet? There’s no need to bring in an audience—I can deliver the concert to you. Suddenly the Laptop Tour is a reality.

For new dates visit my concerts page


Set List #1: Monday, April 18, 2016: from the Makespace (Harrisburg, PA 

The Laptop Tour began in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  Thankfully we all survived and for those that tuned in, you were able to experience the joys of a dog barking outside the Makespace during the show.  That’s part of the beauty of this project–when one sets up a performance in an unconventional space, anything can happen.  Click links in the set list to watch video from the performance and learn more about the composers.  An enormous thank you to the wonderful folks at the Makespace for supporting the launch of this tour and the Marketing and Communications team at Peabody for spreading the word about this project.

Looking forward to the next show and hope you’ll tune in as I broadcast from anywhere and everywhere!

Soe-pa (for amplified classical guitar & loop/delay pedal) by Ingram Marshall


My Name is Red by Ronald Pearl

my heart comes undone (for electric guitar & loop pedal) by Judah Adashi

zane forshee_Laptop_tour_Makespace