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Laptop Tour Begins Tonight! 8pm EDT

April 18th, 2016
Laptop Tour Begins

The Laptop Tour begins tonight at 8pm EDT.  To kick off the tour we will be broadcasting from the Makespace in Harrisburg, PA!  Tune in to find out if I survive the awesome power of the Mighty Tube Screamer in Judah Adashi’s piece for electric guitar and loop pedal.

Click here to watch the show at 8pm edt!

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Set List:

Soe-pa by Ingram Marshall

My Name is Red by Ronald Pearl

my heart comes undone by Judah Adashi

See you tonight!

The Laptop Tour

April 6th, 2016

Laptop Tour

Something I often think about is how the need for a concert hall holds much less importance today with regard to live performance than it once did. This is, in part, due to how easily one can access music as well as a shift in the approach of many artists when presenting concerts.

In fact, the experience of hearing someone live in an unusual space can actually have a larger impact on an audience.  Think about the first time you heard a work or piece beautifully performed in unexpected place or unexpected time.  It takes you by surprise and can make you think about the music, in this case, in a different way – not to mention that the acoustics change your perceptions immeasurably.

This first happened for me in October of 2007 when I was asked to play a concert in a club as part of a CD release concert for some friends.  I discovered that I enjoyed the challenge of performing in a venue that was, at that time, distinct from those spaces I’d grown accustomed to as a musician.  I felt different on that stage, the music was unique in that venue, and the audience experienced a vibe unlike that offered by a traditional concert hall. That performance is one that I still often think about; it was a moment that caused me to rethink what performing is all about—creating a connection with people through sound regardless of the physical space and its originally intended use.

Nearly a decade later, with this in mind, I want to push myself to see what else is possible.  I decided to set myself a challenge and create a series of concerts which would make use of a range of venues not normally associated with musical performance.   But why stop there?  I’m adding a twist and broadcasting them over the internet?!?!   This creates another dimension regarding the types of venues that are possible to perform in.  I don’t need to bring in an audience—I can deliver the concert to you.    With that, the Laptop Tour begins!  I’m going to broadcast short concerts, no longer than 30 minutes in duration, from anywhere and everywhere from, you guessed it, my laptop—even your house is fair game.

To kickoff this tour my first concert will be on Monday, April 18th at 8pm at: The Makespace in Harrisburg, PA. As this is a venue that inspires its guests and the artists that show their work, I’m programming three pieces inspired by works of art:

Ingram Marshall’s Soe-pa: Inspired by Bach’s Prelude in Bb flat from the WTC

Ronald Pearl’s My Name is Red: inspired by Orhan Pamuk’s novel of the same name

Judah Adashi’s My Heart Comes Undone: inspired by Bjork’s song Unravel

I hope you’ll join me on Monday, April 18th at 8pm(EDT) via this link to stream my first concert of this tour.

Thanks for coming with me on this new adventure!

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